Rocket Day

  This past semester, Lukas Elementary has launched a new learning opportunity for all students called ROCKET Day. The staff at Lukas has designed high-interest learning sessions that align with the Jeffco Generations focus. The focus for the first ROCKET Day was self-direction and personal responsibility. Students participated in a variety of growth mindset challenges that encouraged them to create, collaborate, communicate, work hard, and persevere. Activities included learning sessions about making goals for the future in the areas of career/college, health, and establishing highly-effective habits.

  The second ROCKET Day focused on critical thinking and creativity. Lukas students were actively engaged in critical thinking and able to use their creativity to increase their depth of knowledge. The learning sessions focused on science and art which included machine engineering, fractals, pop art, coding, autumn music compositions, carbon dioxide candles, and "I Wonder" scientific learning. A huge thank you to the Lukas community for your support of classroom volunteers and donations to help make our ROCKET Days successful!

Rocket Day LearningCoding in the library