Sarah's Spanish School

Lukas Elementary: Tuesday's
February 5, - March 12, 2018


Sarah's Spanish School is a St. Louis based company with a national presence - our before-or-after-school Spanish program is taught in more than 20 states! At Sarah's Spanish School, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn Spanish, even if their school does not offer it during the day. We currently teach various levels of the program at more than 210 elementary schools and to more than 2,000 students throughout the US! The way that we teach is non-traditional, conversationally-focused using immersion techniques, so students learn Spanish easily through music, stories, games, interaction, movement, repetition, and more. Classes are FUN and super effective!!!


Sarah's Spanish School founder, Sarah Urban, used to be a high school Spanish teacher, but her real passion had always been teaching elementary school students Spanish, as they are at a prime age to learn and they truly enjoy learning a second language. Sarah's Spanish School started in June of 2016 in St. Louis, MO as a small, hometown business and has already expanded to more than 210 elementary schools across the United States. New schools and states are added daily, and we are SO excited to be able to offer this opportunity to many students and enrich their lives!


Please visit our registration page here ; click on your state to view and register for classes in your area!